Renewable Energy Combustor (REC)

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The Poha, murmura, channa, dal and namkeen industries still uses the traditional furnaces to generate heat for roasting and drying the poha/flaked rice, dal or murmura that are highly inefficient and generates lot of pollution.

We have taken an initiative to transform the entire food sector with our Renewable Energy Combustor (REC). The REC is suitable for murmura, channa, dal roasters and namkeen fryers too.

Better Efficiencies

The combustor is fully automatic that can increase the system’s overall efficiency by 10-20% saving the fuel costs and reducing the pollution. We assure *20-30% savings on your current fuel costs. 

Clean Combustion

The combustor ensures uniform and complete combustion of the fuels omitting the black smoke entirely and significantly lower the ash generation. 

Flexible To Accomodate Variety of Fuels

The system is flexible to use different clean biomass fuels (Astillas, pellets, dried wood chips, sawdust, rice husk etc) with often no or minimal adjustments.

Improved Quality of The End Product

The uniform heating of the roaster and no pollution from the system helps in significant improvement in the quality of the end products. Many of our customers were able to fetch higher price than the market for their improved quality. 

Recommended by Leading Food Processors

With the REC, we have been successful in eliminating the black smoke. Our fuel cost also has been reduced by 20-30%.  We are satisfied with the after-sales service provided by Steamax.

Mr. Shankar

Proprieter, Mahadev Foods, Bhatapara

In our old furnace, we had only used kauda as a fuel for roaster heating. However, after installation of REC, we have been able to automate the fuel feeding, reduce the fuel cost by 25% and completely remove the black smoke. 

Mr. Deepak

Proprieter, Tirupati Poha Industries, Bhatapara

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Indians consume 25 million metric tons of pulses every year. During the processing, the pulses need to be dried by supplying external heat. Traditionally, this heat is either produced by burning diesel or wood logs in an inefficient furnace. This increases the cost of drying and also generates a lot of greenhouse gases. The MREC has following benefits:

  • Flexibility to use local biomass (wood logs etc.) as well as pellets and Astillas.
  • Minimum 30% saving on current fuel cost
  • Auto-fuel feeding and ash removal
  • No pollution emission and smoke-less combustion.

REC Combustor (ST-REC01)

This is suitable for roaster units which already have proper insulation at the side and top to prevent the heat losses. The ST-REC01 includes the following:

  • Automatic fuel feeding and air control systems
  • Electric panels & sensors
  • Multifuel combustor for efficient burning of biomass fuels.
  • Ash settling chamber for easy ash removal
  • Fire and ash doors

REC Complete Set (ST-REC02)

This is a complete unit that is suitable for units which have been using traditional furnaces. The traditional furnaces are a highly inefficient way of burning fuel. Such systems result in high consumption of fuel, emits pollution and increases the cost. 

The ST-REC02 includes the following (in addition to ST-REC01):

  • Insulated oven system to house the roaster.
  • Top hood with doors and insulation.
  • Additional inspection doors in the oven.

Proudly Made In India

We are 100% committed to source our material for REC and other machinery from India only. That means you won’t get any  cheap Chinese motors, panels, blowers, wiring, etc.

Lifetime Service Support

We stand by the quality of our systems and provide lifetime service support to all our customers. We will ensure that you don’t have to keep your plant shut even for a day because of the unavailability of the system. 

Truly Multifuel System

Our systems are the only TRUE multi-fuel systems available in the market. Pellet burners and other similar systems can’t burn sawdust, rice husk, paddy husk, wood chips, briquettes, cashew shell and other fuels which we can. 

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