Biomass fuel is a perfect alternative to fossil fuels, especially for the environment. So, Steamax developed Astillas, a type of renewable bio fuels. It is manufacture from natural products like cashew shells, de-oiled cashew cake, sawdust, groundnut shell, and seasoned wood chips. The blend composition is based on the client’s site and necessities. Steamax has a pan India presence, but above all we are focused on the ‘Localness’ of our services.

How is Astillas different from other Biomass?

Astillas recently accumulated interest from many industries looking for a new environmentally friendly fuel source. Its key features include:

  • Transparency– Firstly, Astillas offer complete transparency in its constituents unlike densified fuels like briquettes and pellets.
  • Customization– Secondly, different size and constituents is customize as per your location and requirement.
  • Burnability– Further, Astillas burn more efficiently than any other fuel due to lower bulk density and higher calorific value.
  • Cost-effectiveness- Likewise the fuel is manufacture using low-cost local biomass sources at minimal processing.


  Parameter Value
Calorific Value>4200 Kcal/kg
Ash content<2%
Size 5 to 25mm
Bulk density330kg/m3

How is Steamax fuel different from Cashew’s de-oiled cake?

  • Reduced Acidity: The Astillas have a Cashew nut shell oil below 8% compared to 10-20% in De Oiled cake (DOC).
  • Improved handling: Astillas come in reusable bags that are easier to store and handle. In other words, the bags are specifically designed for longer life to ensure re-usability.
  • Clean combustion– Subsequently reducing the oil content reduces the carbon content as well. Therefore, black smoke emissions are eliminated with this.

In conclusion, cashew nut shells are processed to yield cashew nut shell oil (CNSL) and a de-oiled cake (DOC). Cashew shells, CNSL and DOC, have a gross calorific value- 5600 Kcal/kg, 8000 Kcal/kg, and 4500 Kcal/kg, respectively. So, why can’t we use them to fuel industries? The reason is that all three products contain a high amount of anacardic acid. So, the direct combustion of cashew byproducts could affect the system’s safety and generate toxic fumes when combusted directly. 

Thus, Steamax’s biomass fuel blend has no anacardic acid and phenol. Want to know us more – Contact or +91-9315124803.