In the previous decades, human beings have experienced a rapid increase in their standard of living. This is mainly due to the immense use of fossil fuels and the cheap energy they supply to humankind. But with these fossil fuels come great environmental effects such as global warming and pollution. Our generation must address these issues if we want to ensure a healthy future for our children and grandchildren. Because of this, we must start looking into alternative sources of energy that are clean and environmentally friendly. 

Biomass fuel is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels, especially for the environment. Biomass energy is energy produced from organic material. It is typically derived from plant life, but it can also be produced from other sources such as animal waste and wood. Energy obtained from biomass is considered renewable because the energy source is replenished quickly. Biomass can be used to replace fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions. 

With this intent, Steamax has been developing new and innovative biomass fuels for the Indian market since 2015. Steamax has developed an innovative biomass fuel blend, “Astillas”. This blend generates lesser emissions as compared to other fuels. It burns clean and has better combustion characteristics than any other biomass fuel in the market.


Specifications of Astillas

Astillas is a patented biofuel developed by Steamax. It is developed from natural products like wood, cashew DOC, sawdust, and Cashew nut shell liquid(CNSL)

Astillas specification

How Astillas Compare with Common Biomass Fuels?

Astillas have recently been gaining interest from an increasing number of industries looking for a new and environmentally friendly fuel source. It is often compared with other traditional fuels, such as pellets and briquettes, and it is claimed that it is more cost-effective in most circumstances. Here is a brief comparison of Astillas to some common fuel sources.Calorific value

At Steamax, developing new and cost-effective biomass fuels is the topmost priority. Steamax has developed a compelling blend of Biomass- ‘Astillas’ considering all the perspectives. It has high calorific value, low moisture content, and ash content. There is an urgent need in the present time to switch to renewable energy, and Steamax is here to help. If you have any questions about Astillas, please feel free to contact us today.