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Steamax‚Äôs roaster heating system: REC converts polluting poha, murmura and other roasting industries to clean and efficient units. This film gives evidence of how this technology can change the face of roasting industry in India. For a country that produces an abundance of biomass that can be used as a clean fuel, for small entrepreneurs whose businesses are crumbling under skyrocketing prices of fossil fuels, for a vast workforce that deserves humane working conditions, and for the environment that urgently needs to be rid of industrial pollution, the film brings forth compelling reasons for promoting the REC technology. Here’s a transcript of the video:


Mr. Deepak: My name is Deepak, proprietor of Tirupati Poha mill. Six months earlier, we had a traditional furnace, which was very inefficient due to which our fuel consumption was very high, was causing a lot of pollution, and fuel also did not burn completely. Earlier, Our workers could not even enter the furnace room because there was so much smoke, dust and heat. It was quite difficult for them to stand and work there.

Steamax: Bhatapara is about 80 Kilometers away from Raipur. Bhatapara is India’s largest Flattened rice (poha) production centre. There are more than 60 mills which supply poha all over India. While the whole world is taking a step towards automation and cleanliness, these mills were still following the old methods and technologies.
A Delhi-based company Steamax Envirocare Pvt. Ltd. has taken a step to break this chain. Since 2007, Steamax Envirocare is working on biomass technology and fuels. The system, Steamax has given to these Flattened rice makers, helped them get rid of pollution and led to the considerable improvement in the quality of the Flattened rice. Before we see how this system works, let’s talk to some of the poha manufacturers of Bhatapara and know what they think about the system.

Mr. Shankar: Our company, Mahadev Poha Mill, is based out of Bhatapara which manufactures poha. In the last January, we installed a burner of Delhi-based Steamax, which has provided excellent results. Poha’s quality and fuel efficiency have improved a lot. We used to burn rice bran husk (kauda). Our fuel consumption has reduced by 20-25%. The technology steamax has given us; its fuel feeding and combustion system are so good that we have uniform heating throughout the roaster. Earlier, the temperature used to fluctuate a lot that caused huge manufacturing loss.

Mr. Deepak: Its been six months, we have installed this combustor, and we are delighted. We have also switched to biofuel, it has also reduced pollution, and our quality has also improved. We are happy because the poha’s quality has improved a lot due to no fluctuation in roaster’s temperature, and we have also moved to green fuel. So we have benefited a lot from it. And it is a multi-fuel system. So, you can switch to any fuel based on your preference and cost. Now our unit is so pollution-free that we can walk freely and we can even eat there.

Steamax: Let’s understand now, how this system works? The name of this system is REC, which is a short form of Renewable Energy Combustor. The furnace under the roaster is removed, and this REC system is installed directly. It does not require any significant modifications in the roaster. The most important thing is that this system is genuinely a multi-fuel system. You can burn local fuel like rice husk, sawdust or other fuel in it. Simultaneously, it is crucial to burn fuel in a controlled manner to burn correctly and control pollution. There are no such air and fuel control systems in the traditional furnaces, which explains how you can save 20-30 % with this REC system.
E.g., If your current daily fuel cost is INR10000 fuel daily, you can easily save INR 2000-3000 daily with this system.

More important than money, after applying this system, pollution will not be a concern for you. You and your staff will be able to work in the factory comfortably and safely.

Mr. Deepak: I will definitely recommend everyone to install this Steamax’s REC so that you can move to Pollution-Free Green Fuel and can also improve your product quality.