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COVID-19 has taught us that health plays a major role in our life, as it is seen that healthy people can fight the coronavirus more effectively. Our health is directly linked to the environment. The most common problem in poha/muri/channa roasting industry is the fly ash problem due to fuel such as husk and sawdust. This fly ash can trigger asthma, inflammations and weaken the immunity. Studies link these particulates to the four leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and stroke.

“If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.” — Guy McPherson.

We understand that everyone wants to work in a clean environment, but they are just concerned about the cost. COVID-19 has impacted the businesses, and no one would want to increase their manufacturing cost. Pellet burners/pellets did address the pollution problem, but they increased the production cost. That’s why most of the roasters, who initially installed those pellet burners, end up returning their roasters and were back to the traditional furnaces. With these things in mind, we wanted to work for the system that can solve the pollution problem without increasing the cost. That’s how we started with REC, i.e., Renewable Energy Combustors for these roasters.
Our systems are designed to eliminate this fly ash without you shifting to the expensive fuels such as pellets. You would still be able to burn all the fuels, without increasing the cost of manufacturing and affecting your health. We work to reduce your current fuel cost by 20-30%.

For more details, call us today at +91-9315124803.

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