Prakash Pipes Limited, a prominent manufacturer in Kashipur, demonstrated resilience when faced with the challenge of surging fuel costs, primarily driven by escalating natural gas expenses. It presented an opportunity for the company to chart a course toward a more environmentally conscious future, marking a transformative journey that holds great promise for economic prosperity and environmental Sustainability.

Strategic Fuel Cost Management

  • Prakash Pipes Limited adeptly managed the relentless increase in natural gas costs, affirming its financial understanding  in challenging times.
  • The company bolstered its profitability and maintained a solid financial foundation by taking proactive measures.

Ethical Commitment to Sustainability

  • The company’s proactive transition to biomass fuel was driven by an ethical commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and align with its corporate sustainability goals.

Steamax’s Sustainable Model

  • Embracing the Steamax Envirocare Oil to Biomass Retrofit Kit (OBR) showcased Prakash Pipes Limited’s forward-looking business strategy.
  • The OBR kit addressed their energy needs effectively and promised a sustainable and cost-effective solution to their energy needs.


Prakash Pipes and OBR


1. Substantial Cost Savings:

  • Implementing the OBR kit resulted in a remarkable monthly saving of INR 8 Lakhs for Prakash Pipes Limited.
  • This substantial reduction in fuel costs allowed the company to allocate resources to other crucial areas of its business.

2. Rapid Return on Investment:

  • Prakash Pipes Limited achieved a total return on their investment in the OBR kit in less than two months. Thus, highlighting the financial viability of the transition.

3. Environmental Sustainability:

  • Prakash Pipes Limited significantly reduced its carbon footprint by shifting to biomass fuel and embracing a more sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing process.
  • The company’s commitment to sustainability echoed positively with its customers and stakeholders.


The transformative journey of Prakash Pipes Limited, guided by Steamax Envirocare Oil to Biomass Retrofit Kit, is a compelling case of how businesses can overcome rising fuel costs, reduce their environmental impact, and secure a sustainable future. By taking bold steps towards sustainability, companies can contribute to a greener world, demonstrating that economic prosperity and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

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