Poha is a flattened rice dish widely consumed by people worldwide, especially in India. Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Ujjain are among the biggest producers of poha and produce more than 100 tonnes daily. Unfortunately, these factories use fossil fuels as fuel sources which causes massive pollution and contamination of output due to inefficient combustion. With these things in mind, we work for a system that can solve the pollution problem without increasing costs. That’s how we started with REC, i.e., Renewable Energy Combustors for these roasters.

Pollution risks in the roaster industry

The most common problem in the poha roasting industry is the fly ash problem. This fly ash can trigger asthma and inflammations and weaken immunity. These particulates are leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and stroke. Mainly small-scale and household industries have traditionally depended on diesel and furnace oil for their heat requirement. A traditional furnace is inefficient due to excessive fuel consumption. It generates a lot of pollution, and fuel also does not burn completely.

Let us understand the advantages of installing REC in the Poha industry

  1. It reduces the fuel costs by at least 30% and is flexible to use local biomass like sawdust, husk etc.
  2. REC‘s interior comprises specialised fire bricks that can withstand high temperatures for extended periods.
  3. It has a digital control system that allows the user to control the combustion at a specific temperature, unlike traditional fossil fuel furnaces.
Treat Poha Pollution with REC

How does the REC system work?

The furnace under the roaster is not entirely removed, but the REC system is installed inside the existing furnace. The system does not require any significant modifications in the roaster. The REC is genuinely a multi-fuel system. Simultaneously, it is crucial to burn fuel in a controlled manner and control pollution. With REC, you could burn all the fuels without increasing the cost of manufacturing and affecting your health.

  1. The system consists of an Automatic Fuel Feeding mechanism. The workforce requirement of the process is reduce due to the auto-fuel feeding system of the roaster.
  2. Unlike pellet burners, the fuel burns just below the roaster resulting in greater efficiency and lesser fuel consumption.
  3. The system consists of the main chamber where the heating process occurs. Primary burning takes place in the main chamber.
  4. A pipe is fitted inside the furnace so that air comes out and secondary burning can occur.
  5. Secondary burning evenly distributes the flame and heat uniformly around the roaster.
  6. It has a digital control system that allows the user to control the combustion at a specific temperature.

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