With the growth of the population, the demand for fuel is increasing at an alarming rate. Therefore, with the increase in prices of fuels, industries are looking for cost-effective and convenient alternative fuels, such as biomass. However, the company may find making such a vast transition challenging. But now the industries need to sit back and relax as Steamax came up with a revolutionary technique called the OBR Retrofit Kit.

Steamax’s alternative for fossil-based boilers

  1. OBR kit can convert any existing diesel or gas-fired boiler to the biomass within just a few hours and at a fraction of the cost of the new biomass-fired system.
  2. Secondly the OBR kits come with suitable pollution control equipment to keep the emissions within the pollution norms set by the state governments.
  3. The kit enables the transition from oil to biomass and back from biomass to oil within 6 hours.

How does OBR work?

  1. The diesel or gas burner is removed from the boiler and replaced with the OBR kit.
  2. The OBR kit consists of an automatic fuel feeding system, and the combustion happens at an external furnace with the primary air.
  3. The secondary air then ‘pushes’ the flame inside the boiler.
  4. The fuel feeding and air supply system is regulated automatically to ensure the efficient performance of the system.
  5. Since biomass combustion generates a more significant amount of ash than liquid and gaseous fuel. Therefore, the OBR kits come with a tube cleaning system and pollution control device to keep the emissions within the limit.

Benefits of OBR Kit

  • 30-60% reduction in the fuel cost
  • No IBR approval needed.
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Auto-fuel feeding and ash removal
  • No pressure part addition
  • Lifetime service support

Above all, we solely take responsibility for providing the desired service to our end customers. Reach out to us and understand the unleashed power of biomass. Contact +919315124803 or Email: Info@digilitea16.sg-host.com for more details.