With the rise of oil and gas prices in India, the government has decided to maximize its potential by ramping up domestic production and import of coal. Such actions hinder the progress of renewable energy in India and add to the climate crisis and display the country’s heavy dependence on fossil fuels. The big question is, how do we move from such heavy dependence on non-renewable sources to a net-zero carbon emission?

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) data indicate that non-renewable fuels account for 80% of the current generation capacity.

Why are we still using fossil fuels?

You may wonder if burning fossil fuels really is damaging life on earth, then why are we still using them as the primary source of our energy-

  1. Efficiency– Fossils are fantastic at their job, producing energy. For this reason, fossil fuels are incredibly “energy-dense”, meaning a little bit of fossil fuel can produce a lot of energy.
  2. Earning source– Some people still believe that fossil fuels are wise for energy generation. They argue that it is challenging to phase out as it is their earning source.
  3. Convenience- Fossil result from natural processes of millions of years. For alternative fuels like renewable energy sources, we first have to figure out efficiency, transform, and store the energy before even thinking about using it.

Why is Steamax pushing for a transition to renewable energy?

We cannot deny that non-renewable energy resources will run out sooner or later. Therefore, the transition must come before it is too late. If nature is destroyed permanently, we shall not find one. If you and your industry want to bid goodbye to fossil fuels, we are here to help. Steamax’s Oil to Biomass Retrofit kit (OBR) helps the current fossil fuels burning system switch to biomass-based systems. The kit can fit into an existing oil, gas or coal-fired system at a fraction of the cost.

Climate change will become dominantly irreversible if fossil fuel stays dominant. It’s time to invest in clean energy resources!  Take a #greenstep with Steamax. Contact- +919315124803 or mail us at www.info@digilitea16.sg-host.com