Convert your oil-fired system to biomass; no CAPEX required! Shifting to biomass can significantly lower fuel prices and reduce carbon emissions to zero. With this perspective, Steamax introduced Oil to biomass Retrofit kit (OBR). We have just one mission- to convert every industry to clean and carbon-neutral biomass fuels irrespective of their size.

One of our leading customers Ultratech Cement (Sankrapalle, Hyderabad), benefited from our OBR kit. Today we are happy to share that we have taken a step towards reaching our goals.

 Benefits to the industry with the OBR kit –

  1. We converted a Thermax-make oil-fired 14TPH boiler to biomass.
  2. Presently the retrofitted boiler gives 80% of steam output on clean biomass fuel, Astillas.
  3. The kit was installed without the addition of any pressure parts. Furthermore, we also helped the industry to reduce carbon emissions.
  4. We also have zero investment options where we will make the entire investment involved and take care of the biomass fuel supply, boiler operations, and maintenance activities.
  5. The initial price of the steam with the traditional boiler was Rs 3.46/Kg. After switching to the OBR kit, the steam price reduces to about Rs 1.9/ kg.
  6. Therefore overall, the company benefited with a 40-45% reduction in steam costs.
  7. There were about 20 to 50% savings on the fuel costs with the kit.

We understand that for companies like Ultra tech cement, the oil consumption is often very high and therefore, the saving potential is quite huge. So we urge you to ditch fossil fuels finally for good and choose green energy to create a sustainable India. Choose Steamax. For sales enquiry- +919315124803 or mail us at