Inflation proceeds to hit individuals over the nation, and fuel costs are rising quickly. PNG costs have been expanded once more for Delhi NCR. PNG gas is utilized in homes and factory regions. Due to the increment in the cost, presently, its impact will be seen in the kitchen of ordinary people.

 PNG is ‘Piped Natural Gas’. It is a sort of ordinary gas that everyday individuals utilize for their daily work. This gas is conveyed to homes and manufacturing plants through channels. Most of the manufacturing plants working in Delhi are working on PNG. 

The New PNG and CNG Price Hike

The Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL) raised the compressed natural gas (CNG) and piped natural gas (PNG) prices in the capital and neighbouring townships by nearly 4 per cent and more than 10 per cent, respectively. CNG prices were raised in the capital by Rs 2.50 per kg to Rs 71.61, and the PNG rate was increased by Rs 4.25 per unit (Standard Cubic Meter) to Rs 45.86. The hikes are higher in the adjacent cities due to the gradual impact of higher VAT rates.

This month, it is the fifth increase in CNG prices, making the fuel costlier by almost Rs 15. Therefore, the sharp increase leads to a hike in fares from auto, bus, taxi and medium goods carriers.

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