An industrial boiler is known for its efficiency and capability of running the production process. Usually, these industrial boilers are oil and gas operated. As a result, the boiler consumes a lot of fuel, requires high maintenance and generates carbon emissions. The average price for 1 Litre of diesel in India was just Rs 66.71 in 2019. But the current diesel price in Delhi NCR is Rs 89.62. Therefore, due to the surge in fuel prices, it is more economical to switch to biomass. Let us understand more about this in the blog.

Why are fossil-based boilers not feasible?

Today steam is an essential requirement in multiple industrial sectors like paint, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, textiles etc. Every industry has to set up its boiler unit to generate steam. The boilers operates with fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are dirty. So, the pollution they generate and the consequences of it are far more dangerous than we currently know about them. Let us understand why oil and gas boilers are not feasible.

  1. During the boiler operation, ash is the primary byproduct. Handling and managing the ash is one of the significant issues for industrial units.
  2. Boilers are usually coal and oil operated. Due to the increase in the prices of fossils, industries are looking for cost-effective alternatives.
  3. Companies, however, prefer to do something other than installing a new boiler as it takes months to complete installation. It will affect overall productivity.

How Replacing Fossil based Boilers With Biomass Can Be Beneficial?

Despite numerous studies regarding biomass, several people still consider biomass a “Polluting” fuel. That is, biomass is more polluting than fossil fuel. Our reliance on fossil fuels has been the leading cause of environmental damage. We cannot deny that non-renewable energy resources will run out sooner or later. So, here are the reasons why biomass is more beneficial than fossils.

  1. Switching to biomass requires minimal investments. Industries can shift from fossil fuels to biomass with only a little investment.
  2. Biomass helps reduce the amount of GHG. The biomass emissions level is far smaller compared to fossil fuels.
  3. It is a clean and green fuel. So, it just needs the right kind of system of operation.
  4. It is one of the cheapest sources at present. It does not require substantial installation investments.
Fossil Boilers to Biomass

Steamax’s OBR Kit

Retrofitting the existing diesel/gas-fired system with the OBR kit is the easiest method to switch to biomass. The first step is the removal of the diesel/gas burner. Then comes the installation of the OBR kit. Retrofitting is a quick process which requires a few hours only and costs only a fraction of the cost of the new system.

  1. OBR offers flexible fuel options. OBR is compatible with multiple biomass fuels. Thus, even if there is a change in the government norms banning biomass usage, the customer would have the option to roll back to gas or diesel within a couple of hours.
  2. The OBR kit also provides the advantage of an auto fuel feeding system and ash removal system. Therefore, it ensures clean and efficient biomass combustion, just like diesel or gas.

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