About Us



Leading the Way in Clean Energy Innovation

We are transforming industries with cutting-edge biomass solutions, paving the path to a sustainable future.

Our Vision

At STEAMAX, we passionately envision a future where industries are empowered to shift from fossil fuels to carbon-neutral biomass alternatives. With over 15 years of expertise, we continue to innovate and lead in the biomass industry, delivering tailored solutions and secure fuel supplies that exceed expectations.



We specialize in providing durable and customized clean biomass fuel solutions and advanced technologies and services for boilers, heaters, hot air generators, thermic fuel heaters, burners, and more. Our expertise extends to new installations and upgrading existing facilities to more environmentally friendly and cost-effective technologies. We also offer comprehensive operation and maintenance services, ensuring not only efficiency but also strict compliance with all environmental and pollution regulations, giving you peace of mind about our responsible practices.

Our Commitment

  • Experienced Team: Our qualified technocrats ensure reliable service and support.
  • Local Focus: We prioritize local sourcing for sustainability and community impact.
  • Innovation: We integrate cutting-edge technologies from new system installations to upgrades for optimal efficiency and compliance.
“It’s a known fact that industries cause up to 51% of the air pollution. Burning fossil fuels emits several air pollutants that are both harmful to the environment and public health. With the growing awareness and new government restrictions, the industry is now seeking solutions to shift to carbon-neutral biomass fuels. But turning to biomass would need capital expenditure for new equipment. Moreover, with the limited information, the industry is still struggling to identify the right biomass fuels for their application. Steamax is committed to solve this problem exactly. We are working with different industries & sectors and transforming them from fossils to biomass for last 10 years. ”

Rakesh Mahajan

Managing Director