Thermic Fluid Heaters

Thermic Fluid Heater: High-Performance, High-Efficiency Solution

A Thermic Fluid Heater (TFH) is a unique, reliable, and efficient solution for industrial heating applications. Leveraging the principle of indirect heating, it ensures safe and uniform heat transfer, operating at atmospheric pressure to deliver temperatures as high as 400°C.

Our Thermic Fluid Heaters are easier to maintain than conventional steam boilers, and offer consistent monitoring of the thermal oil for optimum performance. They are a preferable choice for businesses looking for efficient, safe, and eco-friendly heating solutions.

Ideal for industries like chemical, food, textile, and more, Steamax’s TFH range is designed to meet diverse heating requirements while adhering to the highest safety and performance standards. Explore our TFH solutions and discover how we can help you enhance operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

Biomass coal thermic fluid heater
Super Efficient

 Owing to the closed-loop operation, Steamax TFHs ensure direct heat transfer without any energy losses, ensuring maximum operational efficienc

Low Maintenance

Unlike steam boilers, TFHs operate at atmospheric pressure, significantly simplifying the maintenance routine.