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How Astillas Is Made?

Steamax has a pan india presence but we are focussed on ‘Localness’ of our services. With our processing centers all over India, we pride ourselves in practicing what we preach: local biomass fuel, nationwide.

How Astillas Is Better Than Other Biomass?


Unlike densified fuels like briquettes and pellets, Astillas offer complete transparency in its constituents


Astillas size and constituents can be customized as per your location and requirement.


Due to lower bulk density and higher calorific value, Astillas burn more efficiently than any other fuel


Astillas can be manufactured using low-cost local biomass sources with minimal processing

Immediate Returns

Financial Sense

Biomass fuel quality is similar to the KMPL of the car. The lower the calorific value of the fuel- the less ‘Mileage’ can be extracted from it and so more of it needs to be purchased. In simple terms, fuel consumption goes up. Astillas has the lowest price per million calories than any other biomass fuel.


Astillas are a type of renewable biofuels developed by Steamax, that are made by natural products like cashew shell, cashew deoiled cake, sawdust, groundnut shell, and seasoned wood chips. The blend composition is decided based on client’s location and requirements.
The landed cost of Astillas depends on the client’s location. We keep our pricing to ensure that Astillas is always the most cost-effective than any other fuel available at your location.
Astillas is the intellectual property of Steamax and we have been supplying this fuel to industries like Hindustan Unilever, Varun beverages, Coca-Cola, Britannia and many other customers. We supply 2500+ ton fuel per month across India.
Cashew DOC is one of the main ingredients of the Astillas and therefore, visually they both look similar. Cashew DOC, however, has very high acidic content which leads to acidic fumes and corrosion of boiler/heater parts when combusted directly. In our processing, we reduce the acidic content of the cashew DOC to make it compatible for burning. You can read more about this here.