Oil to Biomass Retrofit (OBR) Kit

Convert your oil-fired system to biomass, No CAPEX!

As oil prices are on the rise, the industries are finally looking for cost-effective and convenient alternatives, such as biomass. Shifting to biomass can significantly lower fuel prices and reduce carbon emissions to zero.

However, there is often a large investment involved if any industry wants to transition to biomass. Huge CAPEX is required to replace the oil-fired systems with new biomass-based systems. This may lead to production loss as well.

We took the initiative to solve this problem. We developed a retrofit kit that can be fitted to an existing oil-fired system at just a fraction of the cost of the new system.

Steamax OBR Kit
Flexible To Accomodate Variety of Fuels

The system is flexible to use different clean biomass fuels (Astillas, pellets, dried wood chips, etc) with often no or minimal adjustments.

No Investment Needed

We also have zero investment option where we will make the entire investment involved and take care of the biomass fuel supply, boiler operations, and maintenance activities.