BioCoil (Biomass-Fired Non-IBR Boiler)

India’s First Biomass-Fired Vertical Non-IBR Boiler

A versatile, plug-and-play, 2-pass steam generator with unmatched efficiency. This compact, non-IBR boiler features a once-through, forced circulation design and the ability to fire up multiple fuel options (one at a time), including Biomass (Astillas/Pellets), FO, LDO, HSD, PNG, and LPG. As the top choice for pharmaceutical, hospitality, and process industries, BioCoil stands out as the ultimate steam generator for exceptional performance and adaptability..
Biomass non ibr vertical boiler
Flexible To Accomodate Variety of Fuels

The system is flexible to use different clean biomass fuels (Astillas, pellets, dried wood chips, etc) with often no or minimal adjustments.

Reduced Fuel Costs

60-70% lower fuel costs compared to gas and diesel, leading to significant savings.

Efficient Combustion

Automatic fuel feeding system, ensuring efficient and hassle-free operation. Instant steam supply, guaranteed!

No Investment Needed

We also have zero investment option where we will make the entire investment involved and take care of the biomass fuel supply, boiler operations, and maintenance activities.