Research And Development

1. Development of Biofuel from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

Abstract: We are developing a new liquid biomass fuel that is a cleaner and cheaper alternative to fossil fuels (such as diesel, furnace oil, LDO, etc.) in burner- based heating equipment. The primary raw material for ALVO is cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL). It is different from biodiesel as it is entirely non-transesterified.

2. Pine Needle Utilization in Uttarakhand as a Fuel for Heat generation

Abstract: Pine trees occupy 400000 ha of land in Uttarakhand and cover 16.36% of total forest area of the state. It has been estimated that 1500000 tonnes of dried pine needles (pirul) is produced every year, which are a major cause of forest fires as well.
The project involves collection of pine needles in large scale from villages having large volume of pine trees, which will be then converted into fuel that can be used in the burners, stoves, edible oil heaters, thermic fluid heater and furnaces of various industries.

3. Design And Development Of A Multi-Fuel Burner

Abstract: The currently available burners and stoves in the market are specifically designed to be dedicated pellet burning systems. The technical team is constantly working in improving the versatility of the existing burners to accept greater number of types of fuel without compromising the efficiency. This gives customers the flexibility to use cheap and locally available solid biomass fuels such as Astillas.