Multifuel Biomass Burner

Two-Stage Multifuel Biomass Burner

The currently available burners in the market are designed to be dedicated pellet burning systems. With pellet prices soaring, it’s wise to select the burner that can burn multiple fuels.
As the name suggests, multi-fuel combustors are optimized to accept variety of clean biomass fuels and burn them as efficiently as possible.

Flexible To Accomodate Variety of Fuels

The system is flexible to use different clean biomass fuels (Astillas, pellets, dried wood chips, etc) with often no or minimal adjustments.

Freedom To Select Fuel & Supplier

Variety is the spice of life. We don’t bound our customers with any contract that forces them to buy only our fuel. You are free to select the fuel as well as the supplier as you wish. We will always be there for you.