New Biomass Boilers (IBR) & Heaters

Embrace the Future of Heating with Our Cutting-Edge Biomass Solutions.

Discover the power of Steamax’s diverse biomass combustion systems, tailored to meet the unique demands of various process industries. Our versatile and customized boilers and heaters seamlessly integrate with textile mills, paper mills, F&B industries, pharmaceutical industries, and more.

Flexible To Accomodate Variety of Fuels

Flexible boilers to use different biomass fuels (Astillas, pellets, dried wood chips, agricultural wastes etc) with often no or minimal adjustments.

Reduced Fuel Costs

60-70% lower fuel costs compared to gas and diesel, leading to significant savings.

Efficient Combustion

Automatic fuel feeding system, ensuring efficient and hassle-free operation. Instant steam supply, guaranteed!

Maximum Performance

Our biomass boilers and  heaters are designed for maximum fuel  efficiency, reducing operational costs and emissions.