India’s Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) wants industries and power plants in Delhi and other cities to release less harmful particles into the air. They propose new limits for how much particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) these industries emit. For Particulate emissions, the limit is now 50 mg/Nm3, which is a 25-40% reduction from before. The reduction is even more significant for power plants at 70-80%. The goal is to reduce air pollution in Delhi, one of the world’s most polluted cities. To help achieve this, the CPCB recommends that industries use cleaner fuels like natural gas or biomass. These guidelines apply to more than 1000 industries in Delhi and other cities in NCR.

Particulate emissions

How to achieve lower particulate emissions levels with biomass?

Reducing particulate emissions from biomass combustion can be challenging. But there are several measures you can take to achieve emission levels of 50 mg/Nm3 or lower. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Install efficient biomass combustion systems: Industries can install efficient combustion systems that burn biomass more completely, resulting in fewer particulate emissions.
  2. Use high-quality fuel: Using high-quality biomass fuel with low moisture and ash content can result in fewer particulate emissions.
  3. Implement emission control technologies: Industries can use various technologies to control emissions, such as cyclone separators, bag filters, electrostatic precipitators, or scrubbers.
  4. Conduct regular maintenance and inspections: Regular maintenance and equipment inspections can prevent malfunctions resulting in increased emissions.

Achieve Lower PM emissions with Steamax

Steamax has introduced an innovative Oil to Biomass Retrofit (OBR) Kit. It has the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This kit enables oil and gas-fired boilers to use biomass while maintaining particulate emissions below 80 mg/Nm3. The achievement can be attributed to three key reasons:

  1. Efficient Biomass Combustion Systems: Steamax designs and manufactures efficient combustion systems that help industries burn biomass more completely, reducing particulate emissions and improving overall efficiency. Our OBR kit is design for industries currently using gas or other fuel and wanting to switch to biomass.
  2. Automatic Fuel Feeding Systems: Steamax offers automatic fuel feeding systems that help optimize combustion by controlling the fuel feed rate and air supply. With 90+ installations, we are India’s preferred biomass feeding system supplier.
  3. High-Quality Biomass Fuel: Steamax has developed a high-quality biomass fuel called Astillas, which has a calorific value of more than 4200 Kcal/Kg and less than 2% ash content. This fuel can help industries reduce particulate emissions and improve combustion efficiency.
  4. Emission Control Technologies: Steamax provides various emission control technologies, such as cyclone separators, bag filters, or scrubbers, that help industries control particulate emissions.
  5. Boiler Operation and Maintenance: We also offer boiler operation and maintenance services to ensure that equipment functions optimally and that any malfunctions are detected and fixed promptly.

Join Steamax to leverage our expertise and innovation in the biomass energy sector. By partnering with us, you can reduce particulate emissions and improve efficiency. With a proven track record of serving over 300 satisfied customers, we are India’s top biomass equipment and fuel supplier. Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.