Introducing the BioCoil Boiler, a compact marvel reshaping steam production technology. This non-IBR boiler, designed with precision and sustainability in mind, boasts a forced flow design and the remarkable ability to harness multiple fuel sources. It’s not just a boiler; it’s a game-changer for industries.

Efficiency Beyond Compare

One of the standout advantages of the BioCoil Boiler is its ability to reduce operational costs significantly. With a 60-70% decrease in fuel costs compared to traditional gas and diesel boilers, users can realize substantial savings while maintaining optimal steam production. This cost-efficiency makes the BioCoil Boiler an attractive and responsible choice for purchasers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Seamless Integration and Expert Support

The BioCoil is designed for easy integration into existing systems, minimizing disruptions to your processes. What’s more, our team of specialists is readily available to provide essential guidance and support throughout the implementation procedure.

Environment Sustainable Boiler

Choosing the BioCoil is not only a wise financial decision but also an environmentally responsible one. This product is eligible for carbon credits, making it an eco-conscious choice that aids in reducing carbon emissions. With its auto-feeding system designed to optimize fuel usage and reduce waste, the BioCoil  is an environmentally friendly solution.

Biocoil Boiler


100 Days Free Trial of Boiler – Your Risk-Free Opportunity

The most enticing offer from BioCoil is the 100-day free trial. We’ll set up our state-of-the-art BioCoil Biomass Boiler on your premises, free of charge. Steamax will provide the biomass fuel required to operate the boiler, and our skilled technicians will manage the operation for 100 days, ensuring seamless and hassle-free performance. Steamax commits to delivering impressive cost savings, with a guaranteed reduction in your monthly expenditure on fuel by 10-20% (varies case-to-case).


Imagine this: Your business currently relies on 9,000 litres of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) monthly, priced at a hefty INR 90 per litre. That’s a significant monthly expenditure of INR 8,10,000 on fuel for your boiler.

Now, envision a greener, more cost-effective future with Steamax’s BioCoil Biomass Boiler. By making the switch, you stand to save an impressive INR 4 lakhs each month. That’s a substantial reduction in operational costs and a substantial step towards sustainability.

But here’s the kicker: Steamax offers you the BioCoil 100-Day Trial, and here’s how it works:

  1. BioCoil Installation: We install the BioCoil at your facility free of charge.
  2. Free Fuel Supply: During the trial period, we supply the required biomass fuel for your boiler, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  3. Dedicated Manpower: Our skilled technicians manage the boiler, ensuring efficient and trouble-free performance throughout the 100 days.
  4. Costing during Trial: Throughout the 100-day trial, Steamax offers this incredible deal at a fixed price of INR 6,50,000. But here’s the exciting part – without any investment or commitment, you’ll save up to INR 5 lakhs during these 100 days. Yes, you read that right!

Flexible Options After the Trial:

  1. Return the Boiler: If you decide the BioCoil isn’t the right fit for your organization, you can return it at the end of the trial with no further obligations.
  2. Purchase the Boiler: Love the BioCoil? You have the option to buy the boiler and continue enjoying its benefits. Steamax will continue to support you with fuel and operations to increase savings from 20% to 50%.
  3. Lease the Boiler: Alternatively, choose to lease the BioCoil at a fixed monthly rate, making it an affordable, sustainable solution for your long-term energy needs. You will save up to 50% on fuel costs. We will take our rental from your monthly savings.


The BioCoil represents a revolutionary upgrade in steam production technology, offering efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. With its 100-day free trial offer, customers can experience the benefits of this cutting-edge boiler with peace of mind. Make the responsible choice for your business while reducing costs and environmental impact with the BioCoil.

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