When people think about using biomass in their industries, the first picture that comes to mind is of hard labour and men shoving briquettes with hands inside the furnace. To date, Indian industries have enjoyed easy access to cheap labour. But with the rising workforce cost and youth’s unwillingness to undertake such hazardous jobs, the industries have started gravitating towards automatic fuel-feeding mechanisms. This article will explore the benefits of different fuel feeding mechanisms and how your industry can shift to automatic fuel feeding.

fuel feeding
Manual Fuel Feeding

The Problem with the manual fuel firing system

Every industry is constantly trying to automate its equipment and systems, but unfortunately, many still use primitive, manual fuel firing systems in their boilers. Not only are they dirty, but highly inefficient as well. Here are some reasons why manual fuel feeding may no longer be viable:

  1. Firstly manual fuel feeding is labour-intensive and a dangerous job. As labour costs are expected to increase over the next few years, manual fuel feeding no longer remains cost-effective. Additionally, there is always a possibility of accidents. Severe injuries due to backfiring have been reported in such industries.
  2. Secondly, manual feeding is highly inefficient. Any fuel needs proper air to combust completely, requiring precise control over the air quantity entering the combustion chamber or furnace. Manual feeding needs frequent opening of the fire door for feeding the fuel, leading excess air into the furnace. Thus, it leads to wastage of heat and lower efficiency.
  3. Thirdly, manual feeding does not spread the fuel uniformly over the furnace grate. It leads to poor air-fuel mix, further lowering the efficiency of the boiler and often black smoke from the chimneys.
  4. Fourth, manual feeding is time-consuming. It will affect the overall productivity, thus creating a loss for the companies.

Steamax’s Automatic Fuel Feeding solutions

The automatic system can be an essential part of the industries as it alleviates the probability of workforce hazards, increases the system’s efficiency, and saves fuel costs. So, don’t all these sound compelling reasons to shift towards automatic systems? Let us understand in detail this hassle-free solution.

Clean shift kit

1. For Coal/Briquette-Fired Manual Boilers: Clean Shift Kit

With this easy-to-plug-in kit, you can convert any manual-fired boiler/heater to automatic fuel feeding to burn biomass more efficiently. Its key features include-

a) The system is flexible to use different clean biomass fuels with often no or minimal adjustments. The system can be made compatible using pellets, Astillas, wood chips, and briquettes.

b) The CleanShift reduces the fuel consumption by up to 20-25%. Thus, increasing the profitability and lowering the steam cost.

2. For Oil/Gas-Fired BoilersOil to Biomass Retrofit Kit

OBR kit

OBR kit that can fit into an existing oil-or gas-fired system at just a fraction of the cost of the new system. Its key features include-

a) The kit consists of auto fuel and ash removal system. It reduces labour efforts and costs, providing hygienic conditions to workers.

b) The system is flexible to use different clean biomass fuels with often no or minimal adjustments.

c) Shifting to biomass reduces fuel costs by up to 60%.

Above all, we solely take responsibility for providing the desired service to our end customers. If you have any questions regarding the Steamax’s Automatic Technologies, please be free to reach out us at info@steamaxindia.com or +91-9315124803.