Bioenergy is derived from biomass and is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels because it can be produced from renewable sources, such as plants and waste, that can continuously replenish. It is considered a renewable energy source because its inherent energy comes from the sun and can regrow relatively quickly. Trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into biomass; therefore, when they die, it releases back into the atmosphere. Trees release the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thus, the carbon cycle remains balance, and no extra carbon releases to the atmosphere—so biomass is “carbon neutral.”

Myths and Facts around biomass

Here are some myths and facts about biomass that everyone should know

Burning biomass causes environmental pollution.It is a clean and green fuel. It just needs the right kind of system of operation.
Biomass system are not cost effective.Switching to biomass requires minimal investments. With only little investment industries can shift from fossil fuels to biomass.
Biomass is not cost friendlyIt is one of the cheapest source at present. It does not require huge installation investments.
It is not environmental friendlyBiomass helps reduce the amount of GHG. The biomass emissions level is far smaller compared to fossil fuels.
Biomass Myths and Facts

Can fossil fuels kill you?

Fossil fuels are dirty. So, the pollution they generate and the consequences of it are far more dangerous than we currently know about them. Is this something we want to continue living with?

  1. When fossil fuels burns, they release a massive amount of nitrous oxides, sulfur oxides and particulates.
  2. As a result, air pollution leads to more than 2 million deaths every day in India.
  3. Approximately 350,000 new child asthma cases are due to nitrogen dioxide, a byproduct of fossil fuels.
  4. According to WHO, an estimated 2,50,000 additional deaths will likely occur between 2030 and 2050.

Unleash the power of Steamax’s OBR Kit

Every industry has to set up its boiler unit to generate Steam. Usually, these boilers consume a lot of fuel, require high maintenance, generate carbon emissions etc. Therefore, Steamax developed a revolutionary OBR Kit concept.

  1. The OBR kit consists of an auto fuel system and ash removal system. It reduces labour efforts and costs, providing hygienic conditions to workers.
  2. About 30-60% reduction in the fuel cost.
  3. OBR kit results in zero carbon emissions, thus maintaining a sustainable and pollution-free environment.
  4. OBR kit can fit an existing oil or gas-fired system at just a fraction of the cost of the new system.

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