The concern surrounding Diesel and its impact on health and environment is a widespread subject. An industrial boiler is known for its efficiency and capability of running the production process. Usually, these industrial boilers are Oil and gas operated. Imagine if Diesel costs just Rs 30. But the reality is a bit different. The average price for 1 Litre of Diesel in India was just Rs 66.71 in 2019. But the current diesel price in Delhi NCR is Rs 89.62. We can’t bring down diesel prices, but we can help you reduce your industry fuel bills. Let us understand how we can achieve so.

diesel affecting health

Impact of Diesel on Health and Environment

Diesel exhaust is a complex mixture of gases and fine particles. The primary contaminants from diesel emissions include Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, Volatile Organic compounds etc. Let us understand its effect on human health and surroundings.

  1. The burning of fossil fuels is the largest energy source of GHG emissions. India is the third-largest global emitter of CO2 after the US and China.
  2. Harmful emissions can cause severe health conditions like respiratory diseases, heart diseases, lung cancer etc.
  3. These conditions can result in increased emergency room visits, hospital admissions and thus, absences from work.
  4. Emissions from diesel engines contribute to the production of ground-level ozone, which damages crops, trees and other vegetation.
  5. The emissions also contribute to property damage and reduced visibility.

Because of the above reasons, people are now looking for an alternative. An alternative for industrial diesel users is Oil to biomass Retrofit kit (OBR). To help industries save on fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions, we designed the OBR kit.

Let us understand about the OBR kit.

  1. Retrofitting the existing diesel/gas-fired system with the OBR kit is the easiest method to switch to biomass. Retrofitting is a quick process which requires a few hours only and costs only a fraction of the cost of the new system.
  2. OBR offers flexible fuel options. OBR is compatible with multiple biomass fuels. The customer would have the option to roll back to gas or Diesel within a couple of hours.
  3. The kit is designed according to government norms, so no government or IBR approval is required.
  4. The OBR kits come with suitable pollution control equipment like scrubbers and air filters to keep the emissions within the pollution norms set by the state governments.
  5. The OBR kit also provides the advantage of an auto fuel feeding system and ash removal system. It reduces labour efforts and costs and provides a safe environment for the workers.

With our experience and years of research, we have been pioneers in bringing biomass fuels and renewable technology to the Indian market. For more details, please send your query to or contact/WhatsApp us at +91-9315124803.