The most common problem in the poha/murmura/chana roasting industry is the fly ash due to fuel such as rice husk and sawdust. Some industries still use the traditional furnaces to generate heat for roasting and drying the poha/flaked rice, dal or murmura. The system is highly inefficient and generate a lot of pollution. Steamax has developed a system that solves this problem by introducing Renewable energy combustor (REC). Steamax upgraded the entire system to make it more environmentally friendly. Let us understand how the system works.

What’s wrong with  traditional furnaces?

The industries, mainly small-scale and household industries, have traditionally depended on diesel and furnace oil for their heat requirement. A traditional furnace, which is inefficient due to excessive fuel consumption. It generates a lot of pollution, and fuel also does not burn completely. There is no air and fuel control system in the traditional furnace, which leads to excessive fuel consumption. Another issue with furnaces is the brick insulation. Here concrete bricks are used, which are not capable of holding high temperatures. Thus, it causes puncture in the bricks. We understand that everyone wants to work in a clean environment, but they are concerned about the cost.

Renewable Energy Combustor

How does REC work?

  1. The name of this system is REC, means Renewable Energy Combustor.
  2. Firstly we remove the furnace under the roaster, and this REC system is installed directly.
  3. It does not require any significant modifications in the roaster. The most important thing is that this system is genuinely a multi-fuel system.
  4. The system consists of a hopper feeding system and the main chamber where the heating process occurs.
  5. Primary burning takes place in the main chamber and the air is received from below the furnace.
  6. We have fitted a pipe inside the furnace so that air comes out and secondary burning can occur.
  7. We have come up with innovative ‘fire bricks’ capable of holding high temperatures and do not cause brick punctures.
  8. The workforce requirement is reduced due to the auto-fuel feeding system of the roaster.
  9. Simultaneously, it is crucial to burn fuel in a controlled manner to burn correctly and control pollution. Therefore, we have provided air and fuel control systems.

Steamax has worked closely with various poha, rice and dal manufacturers across India. Additionally, we are providing the industry with clean biomass fuel; Astillas. It has helped the industries reduce pollution, has higher calorific value and is more financially attractive than any other biomass today. Want to know more details about how we can help you, we are just a mail away.

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