Pharmaceutical industry boilers are a crucial component of the processing plants. Steam boilers used explicitly in pharma industries have to be highly authentic in medicinal drying, sterilizing, and purification. Furthermore, they also have high-temperature control demands as these products are designed to affect human health. Steamax’s OBR kit helps the current fossil fuels burning system switch to biomass-based systems. The kit can fit into an existing oil or gas-fired system at just a fraction of the cost. Therefore, the industries need not worry about time and money. 

Why Choose Steamax’s OBR kit?

If you’re looking for the exclusive boiler for producing clean steam for pharmaceutical processing facilities, Steamax’s OBR kit is perfect. Steamax has provided boilers and innovative solutions to several industries for more than ten years.

  1. Zero carbon emissions- OBR kit results in zero carbon emissions, thus maintaining a sustainable and pollution-free environment.
  2. Cost savings- The most significant advantage of the OBR kit is that we offer profit to our end customers from the very first day of the operation. With the kit, you can save up to 20-50% on the fuel cost.
  3. Biomass fuel quality assurance- End customers, don’t need to worry about fuel quality. We ensure timely delivery of fuel at the required quantity.
  4. Lifetime support- we ensure that our customers are benefited from lifetime service support.
  5. Customized design- You can easily customize and manage the dimensions accordingly to boost the performance of your pharmaceutical processing plant.
  6. Auto systems- The OBR kit consists of an auto fuel system and ash removal system. It reduces labour efforts and costs, providing hygienic conditions to workers.

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