Industries, mainly small-scale, have traditionally depended on diesel, furnace oil or gas for their heat requirement. The traditional fossil fuels like diesel and oil that we have used for centuries are running out and becoming less environmentally acceptable. Gas is also not an alternative to fossil fuel or is a transition fuel. Burning natural gas produces lower emissions which do not mean it is clean. The only way to attend net zero is to employ renewable and carbon-neutral technologies. Thus, Biomass is one such alternative. Here in the blog, we will discuss gasifiers and Multi-fuel burners.

What is the process of gasification?

Gasification is a process of converting any carbon-based raw material into fuel gas. It occurs in Gasifier, generally at a high temperature and pressure. The process occurs at over 800C without combustion, with a controlled amount of air.
The next step involves the filtration of the gas to yield clean syngas.
Gasification is a complex and sensitive process. Despite being widely used, the process has several drawbacks too.

  1. Gasifiers require at least half to one hour to start the process. Thus, these need to be faster in their operation.
  2. They require frequent fuel refilling for the continuous working of the system. Also, gasifiers are highly expensive.
  3. Highly inefficient and does not have a controlled combustion process.
  4. Inadequate fuel preparation is a fundamental cause of the technical problem with the Gasifier is that it is not versatile to run on varieties of fuels.
  5. Handling and managing ash is a significant concern. It is difficult to handle and manage ash as it is time-consuming and dirty work.
  6. Also, gasification is still under development project. It is usually a failed project in most parts of India.

Multi Fuel Burner

Multi Fuel Burner

Steamax’s Multi Fuel Burner

Multi Fuel Burner is an innovative startup. Unlike the gasification process, here, complete combustion of the fuel occurs. MFB is designed to accommodate a greater variety of biomass fuels which helps customers to reduce their carbon footprint and fuel costs. The benefits of the MFB include the following-

  1. Highly efficient (90-95%) controlled combustion with a controlled monitoring panel.
  2. Compact-sized installation compared to Gasifier system.
  3. Very few modifications are required to replace the existing Oil and Gas burner.
  4. The burner results in clean and silent operation. It is suitable to operate continuously for 24 hours.
  5. It results in eco-friendly combustion and is pocket-friendly as compared to Gasifier.

Above all, we solely take responsibility for providing the desired service to our end customers. If you have any questions regarding the Steamax’s Automatic Technologies, please be free to reach out us at or +91-9315124803