With an expansion in the population, there is a more significant energy requirement and thus more effective fuel. But it is seen that oil and coal prices are at their peak. This is an exciting time for the industry. With oil and gas prices rising, the industries are finally looking for cost-effective and convenient alternatives. Undoubtedly, traditionally used fossil fuels are running out and are less environmentally pleasant. So to deal with these circumstances, Steamax has designed several solutions to supersede coal/diesel fired burners.

Why You Need To Switch?

More than 200 industries have benefited from our solution. The advantages are many:


1. Saves cost: To produce the same heat/steam, biomass costs 50% of the diesel. That’s like free money. That’s why the payback of such investments is within a few days, not years!


2. Reduced imports: India lacks oil reserves, so the country is dependent on the imports of fossil fuels. The COVID situation has affected imports   deeply worldwide. Switching to biomass will reduce the reliance on imports.

3. Strengthen Indian economy: India is known as the land of agriculture. We have plenty of agricultural resources to transform it into biomass fuel. The farmers would ultimately earn more, and industries would save money. It’s a clear win-win situation for India as a nation. 

4. Low price fluctuations: Oil prices fluctuate daily, and biomass is less prone to fluctuation. That’s why we can sign long-term contracts with our customers for fuel supply at a fixed price. Will petroleum companies ever do that? No right! It helps industries to do better financial planning and avoid sudden price hikes. 

5. Environment friendly: Biomass is a clean fuel. It is carbon neutral and doesn’t have any sulphur. On the other hand, all fossil fuels, such as coal, diesel, furnace oil, petcoke, etc., pollute our environment, which has a lot of consequences on our health and society. 

Doesn’t all of these sound very compelling reasons to shift towards biomass? Obviously, it is. As we stated, we have helped over 200 industries transition towards clean biomass fuel. 


Here are a few solutions that we want to highlight:

1. Oil-to-biomass retrofit (OBR) kit: OBR kit that can be fitted to an existing oil-or gas-fired system at just a fraction of the cost of the new system. 

2. Renewable Energy Combustor (REC): This equipment has specifically been designed to meet the heating demands of the small and medium scale food processing units. 

3. CleanShift Kit: With this easy to plug in kit, you can convert any manual-fired boiler/heater to automatic fuel feeding to burn biomass more efficiently. 

Might you be wondering about biomass fuel, right? Don’t worry; we can help you with that too. Steamax provides an end-to-end solution to all our customers. That means from equipment to fuel supply to operation and maintenance; we can take charge of your every problem. That’s like putting everything on automation so that you can focus on growing your business while we do everything to ensure that your system runs efficiently and you save a lot of money.

Are you ready to make the switch? Contact us today for more information.