With fuel prices hovering, it’s time to think outside the box and transfer to a more remarkable revolutionary and planet-friendly solution. Can boilers be transformed into Biomass? The solution to this is “YES”. Say goodbye to inefficient and harmful boilers which are high-price to hold. Bid farewell to the era of wasteful, excessive-protection boilers that spew dangerous emissions. Embrace Steamax’s Biocoil, a vertical boiler that operates on Biomass and is expected to convert the enterprise. Not only does it cut down on fuel usage and maintenance needs, but it also significantly reduces carbon footprint. Join the green revolution today and upgrade to the Biocoil.

Biomass non ibr vertical boiler

The Ultimate Boiler Upgrade: Biocoil Boiler

This compact, non-IBR boiler features a forced flow design and the capacity to fire up more than one fuel option (one after the other), such as Biomass (Astillas/Pellets), FO, LDO, HSD, PNG, and LPG. Experience the power of Biocoil Vertical Boiler and take your steam production to the high degree.

  1. 60-70% decrease in charges than gas and diesel, leading to good-sized savings. It makes a thoughtful and responsible choice for purchasers while decreasing their impact on the surroundings.
  2. Easy integration into existing systems, ensuring minimum disruption to techniques. Additionally, our team of specialists will be reachable to provide vital guidance and support at some point in the implementation procedure, ensuring you can maximize our product and attain your favoured outcomes.
  3. One advantage of this product is that it’s eligible for carbon credits, which means it facilitates lessening carbon emissions and is a sustainable environmental desire.
  4. The auto feeding is design to optimize and reduce waste, making it an environmentally pleasant solution. With our machine, you could decrease labour charges and the fuel feeding time.
  5. It also gives quick steam technology with immediate steam delivery. This feature improves the performance and productiveness of the system and, consequently, results in more constant steam manufacturing.

Thus, investing in Bio Coils vertical boilers means investing in a sustainable future while enjoying tremendous financial savings. Contact us today to analyze more significantly how Biocoil can transform your steam production and take your commercial enterprise to the next stage.