There has been growing concern about the environmental impact of certain fuels, particularly petcoke and furnace oil. Recognizing the urgent need to address air pollution and promote sustainable development, Uttarakhand in India has taken a significant step by banning petcoke and furnace oil. The Board has decided to ban carbon-rich fuel because it is one of the most significant sources of air pollution.

“Approved Fuels” mandated by Uttarakhand Board

  1. Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).
  2. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
  3. Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS) fuel.
  4. Biogas
  5. Coal
  6. Wood
  7. Biofuel (Agro)
  8. Piped Natural Gas (PNG)
  9. High-Speed Diesel (HSD)
  10. Perul ( Pine Needle)
  11. Refuse Derived Fuel- To be used in Cement and Waste to Energy plants.

Uttarakhand’s policy on fuel utilization

The policy focuses on which fuel will be allowed as far as industries are concerned. The policy has the following objectives:

  1. Industries units using Petroleum coke and furnace oil must switch to cleaner fuels by March 2024.
  2. Pet coke and Furnace Oil utilization shall not be permitted for new industries in the state.
  3. For using the above-approved fuels, industries shall ensure to obtain Environmental clearance, Consent to establish and consent to operate from the competent authority.


A beneficial step toward the environment

In response to the government’s discouragement of furnace oil and petcoke, industries currently relying on fossil fuels seek cost-effective alternatives. Steamax offers a viable solution with its Oil to Biomass Retrofit (OBR) kit, enabling industries to convert their boilers to biomass-based systems.

  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Using the OBR kit, Biomass-based systems offer improved energy efficiency compared to fossil fuel-based boilers.
  2. Reduced Manufacturing Costs: With the OBR kit, industries can enjoy significant fuel cost reductions of up to 50% compared to traditional fuels.
  3. Advanced Technology: The OBR kit can fit any existing oil or gas-fired system. Also, it consists of an auto fuel system and an ash removal system.
  4. Low Investment: Purchasing a new boiler requires increased investment. As a result, retrofitting is cost-effective and quick.
  5. Promoting a Cleaner Environment: Fossil fuels are notorious for their harmful emissions, contributing to environmental pollution. Thus, it has the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption and particulate emissions below 80 mg/Nm3.

What about biomass fuel? Don’t worry; we can help you with that too.

Astillas specification

A fuel with zero carbon emissions- Astillas

Biomass fuel is a perfect alternative to fossil fuels, especially for the environment. So, Steamax developed Astillas, a type of renewable biofuel. Its key features include:

  1. Astillas have a high calorific value (4500 Kcal/kg), low moisture content(<10%), and ash content (<2%). It burns more efficiently than any other fuel due to lower bulk density and higher calorific value.
  2. Also, Astillas burn clean and entirely without leaving any black or acidic smoke traces.
  3. Astillas, thus, also reduce CO2 emissions compared to coal, petcoke and Furnace Oil.


Thus, Steamax specializes in designing and manufacturing efficient combustion systems that help industries burn biomass more completely. Consequently reducing particulate emissions and improving overall efficiency. Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.


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